Why Rave Party In Kasol Blew My Mind

Rave party in kasol

image source- Ashish Verma

Every time I get the laptop to myself, I spend half the time searching for new articles on Kasol and Malana. I am so much in love with these destinations that in the last few years I have visited these places for about 67 times. Rave party of Kasol was something about which I used to hear a lot from my friends but never got a chance to actually witness any of these parties. All I heard about these rave parties was that these are among the top things to do in Kasol. These parties involve unrestrained fun, music, boozing, and just chilling out. Recently these parties have got embroiled by controversies due to the number of cases of drunken brawls and drug consumption.

Trip to Kasol

I remember the night when me and my friends planned to visit Kasol for the rave party. It was raining heavily and we were waiting for the bus. It was around 10 pm when we got the bus to Kullu. The bus continued along its way taking sharp turns every other minute. All I could dream about was being a part of my first ever rave party. I had visited Kasol many times before but none of my visits were exciting like this one. It was 7 am in the morning when we reached this place called Bhuntar which was at a distance of 32km from Kasol. We stopped there for a few hours waiting for the bus which would take us to our ultimate destination Kasol or Mini Israel. The bus drove under the lush green mountains of Parvati valley. While traveling I remembered Pico Iyer’s words, he said
“We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspaper will accommodate and we travel, in essence, to become young fools again- to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more”

After 2 hours journey we finally reached Kasol. The first sight of the place was perfect. I could spot number of foreigners walking down the streets of Kasol.

Kasol bus stand

I was really amazed to observe the crowd around. The charm of the place was reflected from the sorts of clothes tourists were wearing, colorful and serene was the environment of the place. We wandered here and there in the search of a hotel and finally found one cheap accommodation for ourself. We shopped for clothes from the flea market. Bargaining skills can be used here. The market is a “has it all” kind of market for the hippies. It has stuff from bongs, Bob Marley’s T-shirts, harem pants to all kind of hiking gears and equipments. You can buy souvenirs for your families and friends from here. You can also get your hair done with some dreadlocks, colorful lulus or even a Mohawk. The barbers here have some real serious talent. Apart from this I bought some special stuff for the the rave party.

As we were hungry, so we decided to try some local cuisines like Sidhu and momo’s in the nearby cafe, made some new friends and headed back to our cottage. After a small power nap we got up around 4 in the evening where our local friend Robin joined us. Being a localite, it was easy for him to get the passes of the party. We started heading to Chalal where this party was being organized.

Bridge to chalal

The trek starts through an overhanging bridge over the Parvati river and on the other side of the bridge is a beautiful passage through the lush green forests of Parvati Valley.

Going for Rave party

Experience of First Rave Party in Kasol

It was 7 in the evening and we were trekking for the past 2 hours when I spotted few psychedelic lights midst the dense forests of Chalal. As we approached closer, with every single step the sound became loud and the lights became sharp. The first sight of the venue was amazing and there were big banners of Magical festival all over the place. The people were dancing like crazy and all I could see was that the smoke machines were working hard and so were the stroboscope lights. The rave party was a little different and more of a psychedelic kind. People were dancing facing the DJ. The music was some kind of techno music and it just seemed like a big monster growling in the valley. 

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rave party scene

Meand friends were stunned and we loved the entire concept of the party and the feeling is really difficult to be delineated in words. We stood in the corner for the first thirty minutes and all we did was observe everything. Our observation was supported with the Malana stuff which was playing with our THC receptors. After an hours observation I was totally lost in the psychedelic lights, all I could feel was the bass vibrating in my body. I have to admit that the experience of my first rave party in Kasol was far more better than what I actually imagined. There were many names on the line-up… and I had no idea who was playing and what he was playing but it was great fun. I remember that one of the names on the list was Dj Hell.

camping in kasol magical festival

After 2 hours of dancing and everything, we were really tired and moved to the place where our tents were pitched and went to sleep after such a tiring and beautiful day. Next day, as the first rays of sunlight broke over the majestic peaks of Parvati valleyand reached the forest where our tents were pitched, a score of men began to stir. They had been smoking hashish and drinking whiskey all night long in the party until the early morning hours. By the time it was noon, they returned back where the Rave party was taking place and we packed our bags to return back to our eagles nest.

The best thing which Robin told me was that the litter and the waste which was produced will be managed efficiently by the organizers leaving no harm to the ecosystem.

Please follow these things while traveling –
– Manage your waste well and don’t litter
– Use dustbins wherever necessary
– Avoid plastic bottles in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create a lot of mess in our ecosystem.
– Say a big NO to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags and rather buy fruits.
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