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jana waterfall manali

Jana falls is a beautiful natural waterfall in the village Jana of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This village is situated in the small town of Naggar (tehsil-Manali).  Jana waterfall is one of those destinations which people often skip while traveling to Manali, not knowing how beautiful destination they are missing.


I didn’teven remember when was the last time I went on an impulsive road trip to explore a completely unknown place where I can be alone with just the peace and calmness offered by the nature.  Jana waterfalls is a hidden treasure in the lap of Himalayas…. So surreal and calm that you would have to rub your eyes to believe that it actually exists!

Winter Drive to Jana waterfalls Manali

Himachal- God’s own country, so we got this opportunity in the month of January after our examination. We made a plan to visit Manali and Jana waterfall during winters. I have never read earlier any blog on winter visit to Jana waterfall and that was the thing that made me really excited about this trip. One of the season’s last snowfalls was just around the corner and being the Himalayan addicts that we are, we decided to move to our destination.  

We started our journey from Sundernagar crossing places like Mandi, Pandoh, Aut, Kullu, Naggar, to reach Jana waterfall. Two hours into the drive and as we were crossing Naggar, rain God became our companion and we were confident of experiencing fresh snowfall later in the evening. The view of the place can’t be delineated in words, the array of majestic mountains were covered with snow and the journey seemed nothing less than our drive to heaven.

 We reached Naggar around 12 in the noon, from there we headed to our destination Jana. On the way I stopped the car and decided to rest my aching muscles after an incredible drive on the snow filled roads. As my eyes adjusted to the fog around, I was surprised to see the fresh snowfall for the first time in my life. 


I stopped the car near one shop where we sat enjoying the snow and had some tea and snacks. While enjoying my tea, famous quote of Jamie McGuire struck me-
“The snow began to fall again drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling with disappointment to the ground”
I have to confess that the Trip to Jana waterfall had stolen my imagination as I planned my blogging trip to Manali. The landscapes that I was witnessing while travelingto Jana were giving me more peace than the place Jana could offer but soon I was proven wrong when we reached our destination Jana after an hours drive. We parked our vehicle and the view was really amazing. I wish I had a DSLR to capture great pictures but still I manged few pictures from my mobile camera.


Sometimes, the moments become so precious that you want time to slow down for that very moment. The beautiful village of Jana was covered with snow and my heart was pounding widely. I spotted a small café there which was open and was offeringMaggi, something which just seemed like a dream.
Just imagine yourself in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world covered with fresh snowfall all around, with the table in front of you made up of frozen Ice with a plate of Maggi noodles on it. I can’t even delineate my feeling to you guys because it was so surreal and opulent.
And at that very moment a feeling came to my heart that this was not just a road trip but a great road trip as all the 5 ingredients that make a road trip great were there- fantastic weather, great company, good food, interesting sights and finally, an awesome car. And I am lucky to have them all. 

We wandered around the location, captured some of the best moments of our life . We tried to lose ourselves in the beauty around us. Conversations ceased as we listened to the sounds of silence. After spending an hour, slowly the mist started wrapping the mountains and the place.
I was in no mood to leave but every journey has to end so we returned back on the highway. But If I am given a chance, I would love to go back again in the lap of nature.
Watch amazing video of drive from Manali to Jana waterfalls
How to reach Jana waterfalls Manali
Jana is at a distance of 32km from Manali and commonly visited from Naggar Castle from where it is at around 11.7 km drive.
If you are visiting Jana waterfall from Kullu then the total distance you have to cover is around 33km. You have to take the road on the left bank of river Beas.
Delhi- Chandigarh- Bilaspur- Mandi- Kullu- Jana or you can visit this place even from Manali- Naggar- Jana.
Visiting this place in winters is not safe and the best time to visit Jana waterfall is around June-September.
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