10 Interesting Facts About Malana In Himachal Pradesh

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Malana village has recently become so popular in international stoners’ culture that every person wants to visit this little Greece in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. Located at the interior summits of Kullu valley below Chanderkhani pass, at an altitude of 276 meters above sea level, Malana is so surreal and calm that one has to rub his eyes to believe that it actually exists. This place has different identity for different people, for some it is a paradise and for some it is the place where you get the world’s best hashish or marijuana. This village has long remained secluded from the rest of the world and that is the reason why this place holds so many facts which people visiting this place don’t know. So here is a list of 10 interesting facts about Malana which you should know before visiting this village.

10.  Descendants of Alexander the Great

Children of malana smiling at camera
Malana is believed to be inhabited by the descendants of soldiers of Alexander the great. The local inhabitants proclaim themselves as descendants of the Greek king and speak a language which can only be understood by them. The people of Malana have facial features that, to an extent, resemble the Romans. It is believed that when Alexander the Great had defeated Indian king Porus along the banks of the river Beas and after a series of campaigns in India, his soldiers felt tired and wanted to return home. Alexander, too, is said to had gone back home. Lore has it that some of his soldiers, too tired to return, preferred to settle down along the banks of the river Beas. Their local court system, even today, reflects ancient Greek system and it is said that the residents of Malana may be their descendants. In the report of Times of India by Vivek Mohan, who has conducted over four years of study and produced a national award winning documentary `Malana’, said the answer to Malana residents’ origin remains a riddle to him. So it remains a big question till now that, are these people really the descendants of Alexander the Great. 

9. Grows the World’s best Hashish

Malana cream
A true hash hunter in India will look for two quality products, Malana Cream and Kerala Gold. Now the question arises why Malana cream is so special? Malana cannabis has developed a reputation for being as one of the best in India. In fact, it’s even the most expensive on Amsterdam coffee shop menus. This cream is so special due to many reasons and one reason is that it ismade from heirloom cannabis grown in that remote area of the Parvati Valley which grows only in mountain fields above specific altitude. Some people also claim that the Hash made from Malana plant contains 30 to 40% THC, which is pretty high considering many Indian plants which can produce THC between 5 to 8%. The hash from Malana is dark black in colour with gum properties.
8. Culture and Practices
Shaun festival celebration in Malana
The Malana people have a very vivid and colourful culture. Tourists cannot touch them or enter their houses or their temples. People from outside are also barred to touch the sacred stones. In Malana, “Rishi Jamdagni ” is worshiped by the local people. All the rules, regulations and decisions about the village and inhabitants are made by the Devta (the local deity of the village). Pujari (priest) is the main person of the village who works as a subordinate of Devta . Being a pujari is not easy in Malana, pujari has to two take two oaths, the first being not to wear shoes anymore for the rest of his life and the second one is not to go outside the district allocated to him. Dhamyani and Dhurani Rajputs stay in upper Malana and Nagvani and Pachani Rajputs reside in lower Malana. In terms of hierarchy, the Dhamyani is on the top and Panchani is at number four. This system of hierarchy is only found in the Malana village. 
7. Festivals in Malana

Phagli celebrations

Phagli festival gets its name from the month of Phalgun. Phagli fair falls during the month of Phalgun (i.e. 2nd half of February and 1st half of March). Phagli is celebrated in most of the villages of Kullu valley but it holds a very important place amongst the people of the village Malana. This festival shows the victory of good over evil and finally the good emerges as the winner.
Shaun Celebrations
Shaun festival celebration in malana

Shaun festival in Malana is celebrated every year on 15th august during Independence day. The local residents of the village gather, dressed up in their traditional attire. And if you ask me I believe that it is the best time to visit. The Malanis perform their local dance called Nati in the name of God and show their beautiful and wonderful culture. People from all over the Kullu district visit Malana on this special occasion. The Malanis on the day of Shaun festival offer their deity newly harvested crops as a tribute for their good fortune.

6.Kanashi, the Local Language
old woman in Malana

The residents of Malana village speak Kanashi which is believed as a dialect of the devil who used to reside in this village long ago. This Kanashi Language is believedto be a mixture of Sanskrit and several Tibetan languages and is entirely different from the languages spoken in the neighbouring areas. This language is from the family of Sino-Tibetian under the category of West Himalayas and only spoken in the Malana village. The interesting fact about Kanashi language is that being a pro normalized language it doesn’t require the subject and verb to be mentioned separately.

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5.Oldest democracy of the World

Old house in Malana
This thing may sound nonsense but it’s the biggest fact about Malana village. The local inhabitants claim Village Malana to be the World’s oldest democracy with a well organized parliamentary system, guided by their Devta Jamlu rishi. It is believed that the village acquired its independence during the Mughal reign when the Emperor Akbar walked into the village in order to cure an ailment that he was affected with. After having been successfully cured, he put on edict stating that all the inhabitants of the valley would never be required to pay tax. And according to another legend, it is believed that Malana still follows the Greek parliamentary system and hence regarded as the World’s oldest democracy. And it is one of the most important fact about Malana
4. Little Greece
Malana reflects image of little greece
Known for its rich and esteemed culture, Malana is sometimes also called as Little Greece in the Himalayas. The Inhabitants of Malana consider themselves as the descendants of Greek ancestry which is still a question of debate for a number of people. The village is located at the interior summits of Kullu valley and lies just below the Chandrakhani pass and the aerial view of the village is just the cluster of few stone roofs which look identical to the ancient Greece and hence called as the Little Greece of the Himalayas.
3. Claim of Being Superior
temple of jamdagni rishi
The Malanis consider themselves to be superior to the rest of the world as they believe themselves to be the descendants of Alexander the Great. Outsiders are not allowed to touch the templesbuilding in the village. The people of the village are very friendly but are told to maintain distance from the outsiders.The shopkeepers will request you to keep the money on the counter instead of taking it directly. In case of contact, heavy fines are imposed as penalty and immediate bath is taken by the local people. Malana is truly a very unique village with very unique customs. Malana is more of avillage for backpackers and travelers and less for tourists with family.

2. Village of Taboos

Village of taboos malana
There are number of rules one should know before visiting Malana village. According to the rules one is not allowed to cut down the tree or fixing nails is completely prohibited. Not only this, you are not also allowed to burn the wood in the forests of the village. The hunting of animals is not allowed and is only permitted for a particular period of time in a year.

1. Police Intervention Not Allowed

warning sign at Jamlu devta temple

Police intervention is not allowed in the village, but in certain cases if accused wants to seek help from the police. one has to pay the mandatory fine of Rs1000 to the village council. So this was the list of most important facts about Malana which you should know before visiting this village

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