Why Rave Party In Kasol Blew My Mind

Rave party in kasol

image source- Ashish Verma Every time I get the laptop to myself, I spend half the time searching for new articles on Kasol and Malana. I am so much in love with these destinations that in the last few years I have visited these places for about 6–7 times. Rave party of Kasol was something about which I used to hear a lot from my friends but never got a chance to actually witness any of these parties. All I heard about these rave parties was that these are among the top things to do in Kasol. These parties involve… Read moreWhy Rave Party In Kasol Blew My Mind

10 Interesting Facts About Malana In Himachal Pradesh

fagli festival malana

Malana village has recently become so popular in international stoners’ culture that every person wants to visit this little Greece in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. Located at the interior summits of Kullu valley below Chanderkhani pass, at an altitude of 276 meters above sea level, Malana is so surreal and calm that one has to rub his eyes to believe that it actually exists. This place has different identity for different people, for some it is a paradise and for some it is the place where you get the world’s best hashish or marijuana. This village has long remained… Read more10 Interesting Facts About Malana In Himachal Pradesh

All about -Shiv Mandir kathgarh , Indora Himachal Pradesh

kathgarh temple indora

Kathgarh  is a village located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal- the land of lords has a quantity of the rarest & ancient temples which have their references even in the history books. This time we are talking about one such rare & only temple in the world which is Shiv Mandir Kathgarh. This temple is one of the very famous temples in Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a distance of 7km from Indora(Himachal Pradesh) also 3-4kms from Mirthal(Punjab) on the meeting point of the Beas and the choch rivers.This temple has a vertical Shivalinga which is approximate… Read moreAll about -Shiv Mandir kathgarh , Indora Himachal Pradesh

The Heart of India – A spiritual journey in the land of many souls

I was called by unknown whispers; called to visit India without knowing what it would bring me. I travelled alone without being alone, challenged my deepest fear. Like an invitation, a deep dive into existence in a way I somehow knew was needed, to be able to let life enter the deepest core of my being.  Lotus temple Delhi Humble I faced the light and shadows of who I am. Waves of past and future merged into a now and revealed new whispers within me. Fiercely and yet so tenderly; life took me by hand and guided me deeper into… Read moreThe Heart of India – A spiritual journey in the land of many souls

Jana waterfall Manali heaven on Earth

jana waterfall manali

Jana falls is a beautiful natural waterfall in the village Jana of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This village is situated in the small town of Naggar (tehsil-Manali).  Jana waterfall is one of those destinations which people often skip while traveling to Manali, not knowing how beautiful destination they are missing.       I didn’teven remember when was the last time I went on an impulsive road trip to explore a completely unknown place where I can be alone with just the peace and calmness offered by the nature.  Jana waterfalls is a hidden treasure in the lap of… Read moreJana waterfall Manali heaven on Earth