The untold story and secrets of the oldest democracy in the world – Malana village

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India is country with great diversity or we can say it is hub of mesmerizing places. We can talk about Manali, Shimla, Goa and many more tourist destination which will always remain on the top of any travelers bucket list but today we will be talking about small village situated in Parvati valley glorified by its secrets and untold stories.

In my last article I gave you an insight of Kasol, which is also referred as mini Israel or smokers paradise, telling you why you should not visit this Kasol. And today I’ll tell you about Malana and why you should visit this place.
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About Malana


Malana is beautiful and peaceful village situated in the adjacent of Parvati valley. This village has long been hidden in the laps of Himalayas beholding some untold stories and secrets. If you are person in your 20’s than this is the perfect destination for your next weekend and if you have already taken a trip than Ill urge you to explore the magic of this village once again.


Things you need to know before traveling


Don’t you dare to touch – The villagers in Malana abide the law of touch me not, Outsiders are not allowed to touch any temple or any person in the village, If you do so they will take an immediate bath and will impose you fine.
Sweet Pleasureparvati valley has always been a home to hippie and weed lovers. Malana cream is regarded as one of the Best creams in the world and hence regarded as smokers paradise. As this village is completely isolated from the urban culture so it becomes really easy for the Hashish lovers and they come luring in large numbers.
Greeky thing– The people of the village are believed to be the descendants of Alexander the great. The system and the patriarchy they follow totally  resembles to the ancient Greek system.

My trip to Malana

Engineering was something which I never wanted to do but still I got caught. The sessionals were going on and my score was zero in last two papers. I did’nt wanted to score a hat-trick so I planned to boycott my examination, I needed a break and wanted to go somewhere, where I can be alone, no mobile signal just the calmness and peace offered by the nature so I started planning a trip but this time I wanted to choose some raw destination. Malana was something, about which I have been hearing since 2 years so I thought why not visit this place. Me and my friend started our journey from the place named Sundernagar on 350cc Royal enfield leaving our college and studies behind. The panorama and the beauty of mountains along the road was amazing and cannot be delineated in words, After a few hours journey we reached Jari. 

  • Jari is a small roadside village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It lies at a distance of 25km from Bhuntar and 9km away from Manikaran You can stop here for some refreshment and then continue your journey
As the first ray of sunlight came inside the room through the green tinted glasses over the majestic snow capped mountains I dragged myself to the corner of bed pulling down the curtains to enjoy the calmness and peace of the place. When the scenery around is so beautiful and there is so much silence around you then how can you allow someone may it be sun to ruin your sleep. But my friend did that, Opening the bottles again my friend and one more guy, I don’t know who he was but my friend was in full Trip. They had been smoking hashish and drinking whiskey all night and now they started it all again. This was something which continued for around 3 days and this was our weekend trip. Malana is titled in the world for having the best hashish then how come we do something else in this place.

Rishi jamdagni temple malana


How to reach Malana

Chandigarh can be reached from Delhi by national highway NH1 and then you have to head for Bhuntar in Kullu district by national highway NH21 which passes through Bilaspur, Sundernagar and Mandi towns, covering a distance of about 270kms. All the buses go to Manali via Bhuntar and one needs to get down at Bhuntar from where you can hire a taxi or catch a bus to reach Jari or you can direct Hire a taxi to Malana.
Bhuntar -jari 28kms
Bhuntar -Kullu  10kms
Kullu -Manali  40kms
There are other ways of traveling too but the best and the fastest options for reaching Malana are the ones mentioned above that is by road.

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