Best time to visit world’s most beautiful lake chandratal in lahaul spiti

chandratal lake, spiti
Chandratal is a beautiful lake situated in the Lahoul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. This lake is less explored destination as compared to other places like Shimla, Manali which are major tourist destinations. I have got a lot of queries,asking me How to reach Chandratal lake and when is the best time to visit chandratal lake. Himachal Pradesh which means abode of snow is home to a number of tourist destinations but still some places in Himachal are very less explored like Kasol, Jalorijot, Banjar and one such place is this opulent lake called Chandratal.

Chandratal lake

Chandratal lake is located at an altitude of 4250mtrs or 14000ft  and lies at a distance of 140 km from Manali(the second most visited tourist destination in India). This lake is also called by the name moon lake which is an English translation of the name chandratal. Number of travel junkies every year take the adventurous treks over Rohtang pass to admire this magnificent lake. The myths and local tales of spotting aliens in the region further add to the raw beauty which this place holds.

How to plan your trip to Chandratal


Mountains of spiti valley
Majestic mountains
  •        The closest place to chandratal lake is Manali from where the journey to chandratal lake starts. There are two ways to visit chandratal lake one is by road and other is by trekking. The first method of reaching is quiet easy but it might pinch your pocket. You can get a cab for around 4000 Rs per day. Trip to chandratal is usually 2 days long, so the car hiring will cost you around 8000 Rs . Few friends can share the expenses and  trim down your budget.
way to spiti is filled with the snow caves and that is why this is the best time to visit chandratal
Snow caves
  •    If you are visiting from Delhi or Chandigarhyour first stay will definitely  be Manali from where you can move early morning to your ultimate destination. Starting your journey from Manali will be a great fun The places which you will come across are Gulaba, Madi, Kothi which are some of the most beautiful villages in Himachal Pradesh. After an hours drive you will reach Rohtang Pass which will give you sight of snow glaciers and the cold wind will cleanse your soul from inside. The view from this place is truly majestic and cannot be delineated in words. You can stop here and click some best pictures of your life but don’t stay too long as the oxygen level is quite low and might cause you nausea.
This bus service is going from Manali to Kaza which is at different path
HRTC bus to Kaza
  • ·       Easy part of the journey is over now begins the tough part. Driving to the top of Rohtang pass is easy as compared to driving down the hill. The muddy and the broken roads along with the loopy shape will discomfort you till your limiting position but I can guarantee you one thing that the beauty you are going to witness will be something that will remain intact in your eternal memories forever.
the true scenerio of spiti valley it looks like this in september
Deserted land
  • ·      After Rohtang pass you will reach Gramphu from where you need to go to Chaatru where you can stop for sometime and have some snacks, tea etc. In these places you will get small dhabas dont expect some restaurants or resorts.
  • ·     After an hours drive through the muddy roads you will reach your next destination called Batal where you can stop for a few minutes so that your body could acclimatize to higher altitude levels otherwise if you try to move fast enough your body won’t get enough time to adjust to higher altitude levels, you may get sick and feel nauseated. So its really important.
The muddy roads and the pagal nalas everywhere create great problem
Condition of roads
  • ·       The way from Gramphu>>chaatru>>Batal is completely in very bad condition. The road is not metaled and you could see pebbles and mudeverywhere and it becomes really important to have an experienced driver with yourself. The pagal nalas are everywhere (pagal nalas- The nalas which can come at any time without giving any warning) so it becomes really important to have a guide or a person who is familiar with the place.The region is totally barren and deserted hence it is called as the cold desert, The mobile signal are totally nil except BSNL postpaid services. So keep this thing in mind.

  • ·      Then from batal, the chandratal lake is approximately 14km but these 14km can even take around 2 hours of drive.

 Some important distances 

Delhi  to Manali =564 km
Manali to Rohtang= 52km
Rohtang to Gramphu= 14km
Batal to Chandratal=14km

How to reach chandratal

The only mode of reaching chandratal is by road and I have given you enough information regarding how you can plan your trip to chandratal.

This beautiful lake is considered as the most beautiful lake on earth
Reaching ultimate destination

Best time to visit Chandratal lake

  •     The best time to visit Chandratal lake is around September this is because during June and July the roads may be closed due to snow.
  •        During the months of august, monsoons are at full fledged term which leads to very poor road condition making them worst. Pagal nalas all over will further add to your problems 
  •    Hence the best time to visit is around the first week of September. You can also visit around October but its too cold and some local dhabas may get closed down and November is time period when you should definitely avoid the route.
Always plan your trip to Chandratal lake with some local guides and never book packages from big travel portal because I have seen that the things which local guide can tell you can never be told by the guides from big travel portals. My trip to Chandratal was organized by Thakur Bhai from Bhuntar in Kullu. This person runs a small travel agency in Bhuntar but believe me guys the service this guy offers is just amazing. I have traveled all across India but the warmth which I receive from the people of Himachal Pradesh is Fabulous. You can call him anytime regarding your plan to Chandratal, Ladakh or Spiti, He will even plan for you guys for free for sure – Thakur Bhai 8988265439.

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