Pictography trip to Naggar Castle Kullu

Biker riding to naggar castle in kullu district through loopy roadsStarting our journey from Mandi district to Naggar castle Kullu on our 350cc Royal enfield.

  hanogi temple near pandoh lies on NH21 on the way to bhuntar Hanogi temple near Pandoh was our next stop where we re-energized our self for the next destinationbeauty of pandoh captured in the moving camera Scenic beauty which we captured in our camera on the way to Naggar made our heart pound widelytruck was turned near pandoh due to the lost control Truck which met with an accident just few minutes ago we arrived Pandohthe roads having cliffs on one side and beas river on the other  Heading to our next destination Aut which was 12 km from our current locationThis bridge is famous tourist stop point on the way to manali The picture captured from our moving bike of the famous bridge which is perfect place for any tourist to capture pictures  royal enfield riding on the left bank of Kullu towards Naggar town picture captured on the left bank of Kullu district when we were close to our destination Heritage Naggar castle

Entry of the naggar castle which was once the capital of Kullu during ancient time when king use to rule kullu
Entry of Naggar castle, finally we reached our ultimate destination

Foreigners from all over the world visit this place swarming like bees to explore the himachali culture As we reached the place we spotted a entire group of foreigners who were exploring the enigma of placeThe animal sacrifice have always been part of kullvi tradition this wall displays the head of deer.Informative boards on the wall assisting us for our tour inside the town castle 

This castle was inaugurated by former chief minister prof Prem kumar dhumal
Naggar castle inaugurated by Former chief minister Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal on 19th may,1999
Great wooden work done by the local craftsmen of the region during  early times

This temple is excellent example of the craftsmenship of ancient kullu Beautiful temple located inside the castle is excellent example of  architecture

Picture portraying the splendid balcony of the castle from where one can capture the picturesque beauty of Kullu valley  Central part of the Heritage castle which is also the restaurant where one can have the taste of local cuisine.

The pictures of the on the left is of the entrance gate of the temple where entry is prohibited and on the right the picture describes the local artifacts of Kullu region during the time when Naggar was capital of Kullu

When you visit Naggar castle Kullu you can also visit Nicholas Roerich art gallery which is few kilometers from Naggar

Pictures of the artifacts kept in the central part of the castle displaying local craftsmenship
Picture displaying the various household objects used in Kullu district
these are engarved on the pillars which are kept in the basement of the castle and portrays a god of hindu religion
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this royal stamp was used by the king during his reign over kullu and also shows the craftsmenship of localities

Pictures displaying the image of royal entities used during the time of king and when Naggar was capital of ancient KulluMore places of Interest in Kullu District on the way:

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